Mastering Studio Freising, Bavaria, Germany, acoustic design by Mueller-BBM

The GKG Mastering studio - Designed by Mueller-BBM the leading acoustic engineering company - is able to acoustically challenge even the most renowned competition. With a perfect frequency linearity and lowest reverberation time it is a truly world-class workplace. To make use of these perfect conditions, some of the best speakers in the world are available: Revel Ultima Salon 2, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond and KEF Blade.
The electric power conditions on site are very stable and clean, complemented by the highest quality cabling. This perfectly balanced power system enables an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and perceived dynamics, as well as enabling the outboard to truly shine.
To achieve the highest possible flexibility, the combination of cutting-edge digital technology with the most acclaimed outboard is available. Every piece of hardware at the GKG studio has been meticulously adapted and customized to complement the mastering chain perfectly. The audio converter system, as well special mastering software are custom built, in-house designs, and deliver a very crisp and natural sound with up to 64 bits resolution.
These optimal listening conditions are complemented with a relaxed atmosphere, a light design by Occhio and abundant parking possibilities.
We have developed a unique technique in cooperation with vinyl record cutting engineers, that enables to record an optimal vinyl record master parallel to the CD/digital distribution master., This process is used in every project, and combines and transports all positive attributes of the master formats. It guarantees a dynamic and loud, yet broad sound on vinyl record and delivers masters that have the same dynamic sound and groove on all media, guaranteeing a high recognition value.

Mastering Studio Palma de Mallorca, Spain, more information soon

Mastering Studio Budapest, Szentendre, Hungary, more information soon

Monitor Systems

Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond series 2Revel Ultima Salon 2MT-Audiodesign Extreme Class-AAudioNET AMP | V2Headphones: Audeze, Stax, Focal,Sennheiser, Meze, Mr. Speaker


Sontec MES 430Avalon 2077 Mastering EQChandler Curve BenderBarry Porter Mastering EQFocusrite Blue 315Mk||Epitome Audio Tilt FilterDAV Broadhurst GDNS No.3Lauterleizer 3 Band Mastering EQBoutique Baxandall EQ


Elysia Alpha Compressor 1st. ED Elysia Alpha Compressor 2nd. EDKnif Vari-Mu IISPL IRON redShadowhills Mastering Comp. Class A Ed.Rupert Neve Portico || Master Bus ProcessorChandler Ltd, LTD-2Me - 1. series Neve ironsRS 124 EMI/BBCPM Fairchild 670Epitome Audio AmbrosiaNeve 2254C Mastering ModificationMaselec MLA-4 Expander/CompressorChiswick Reach Valve CompressorManley Vari-Mu Mastering EditionRoger Foote P3sME redPendulum Audio PL-2NTP modules rackedNeumann modules rackedR.51 Stereo Redd 47 Lineamp

DA/AD Converter

RME ADI-2ProARDA Flagship Audio ConverterCustom ESS Sabre 64Bit Reference DA

Vinyl Playback

Transrotor DarkstarOrtofon Rondo Blue MCEpitome Audio Class A Phono Preamp

Cable & Tools

Mogami NEGLEX Reference for all connectionsDolby spectral processor 740Epitome MASTERCON Shielded pure copper Powercable

DAW & Software

Masterpiece No. 1 - high-power mobile DAW
Master Manufaktur
Steinberg - WavelabSteinberg - CubaseAvid - Pro ToolsReaper
Weiss - SaraconFlux - everythingFabFilter - everythingWaves - everythingDMG Audio - everythingPlugin Alliance - everythingiZozope - RXTokyo Dawn Labs - everythingSonoris DDP Player OEM

Ludwig - Mastering Engineer - Tonmeister (VDT)

Ludwig Maier is a multi-award winning mastering engineer, that has over three thousand international productions of all musical genres under his belt. The scope of his experience in the audio industry is extensive and diverse; he has worked for Major and Indie labels, production music libraries like Sonoton, songwriting teams like Truva Music and hundreds of independent producers, bands and recording studios.
In 2007 he founded GKG Mastering and by now thousands of songs have been mastered with a lot of success.
“Ludwig’s master celebrates the mix” Timothy Auld
One of the most defining factors about Ludwig’s work is that he puts the same level of love, commitment and energy into every song he masters: 100%. A true perfectionist, he always seeks to transport the emotional and conceptual message of the music into a master- instead of simply making it louder.
Such a high standard is made possible through many years of experience, absolute dedication, studios with meticulously perfected acoustics and monumental analog hardware and the newest inovations in digital audio.

Joe - Mastering Assistant

Marcus - Quality Control

Mike - Project Manager Asia

Steinberg Wavelab 9.5 Release Promo Video